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Vermont Supreme Court gallery

Vermont Supreme Court Gallery

The Vermont Supreme Court Gallery features four exhibits each year of Vermont artists.

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Front lawn of Vermont State House building.

The Vermont State House

A National Historic Landmark built in 1859, the Vermont State House is managed as a museum by our office.


Battle of Cedar Creek

The Battle of Cedar Creek

“The First Vermont Brigade at the Battle of Cedar Creek” by Julian Scott, 1874, part of the State Art Collection.

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Vermont State House chamber

Vermont State House Chamber

The House Chamber is the largest and grandest of the beautifully restored interiors in the Vermont State House.


Waterbury State Office complex.

Waterbury Complex

The Waterbury State Office Complex includes the restored 1896 Vermont State Hospital.


The Vermont State Curator's Office oversees the restoration, care and conservation of the historic Vermont State House and its collections of fine art, decorative art and historic furniture, much of which is exhibited there. In addition, the office manages three gallery spaces in the Capitol District which rotate exhibitions of Vermont contemporary art: the Vermont Supreme Court Gallery in the lobby of the Supreme Court Building and the State House cafeteria. Care, management and interpretation of the broader State Art Collection is also a responsibility of this office.

The State Curator’s Office works closely with the Friends of the Vermont State House, a private nonprofit organization, to interpret the building to over 150,000 visitors per year, training and deploying over 100 volunteers who work at the State House as general tour guides, school tour guides or as attendants for Under the Dome gift shop or gift cart.  We also undertake special exhibitions, publications and programs that enhance visitor appreciation of the State House and its collections.

Maintenance and renovation projects undertaken at historic buildings owned by the State of Vermont and managed by the Department of Buildings and General Services are reviewed by the State Curator's Office.  Curatorial staff conduct research and provide support to ensure that projects are carried out in accord with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Rehabilitation of Historic Structures, and that their historic features are not only respected, but enhanced.

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